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A new indie historical wargame on Unreal Engine 4

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Panzer Strategy: Blitzkrieg is a historical wargame on Unreal Engine where like in re­al life you can adapt your units to any objective using equipments and skills. Moreover you can make your tactics even more flexible with skills and abilities of your HQ and the HQ Commander!

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Naval units have a more elaborate mechanics compared to Ground or Air forces. On the picture, you can see various ship parts of the Yorktown class carrier: 127 mm L38 Mk30 Dual-purpose gun, 20 mm Oerlikon Anti-Aircraft gun, Flight deck, Engine, Radar, etc. Most of them have HP indicated by a green bar and a number in the bottom right corner.

The less HP has a gun the lower damage it would deal upon firing.

If the Engine has 50% HP or less, the Move points of the ship are halved and if the Engine has 0 HP than the ship has 0 Move points. The number of Move points are added to all ship defenses at all times. Thus by damaging the Engine, you reduce ship defenses and increase the effectiveness of your next attacks.

The flight deck is another interesting ship part. It allows carrier-based Aircraft to land and take-off from the carrier. If it has 0 HP, Aircraft can no longer take off and land.

Every ship has a Maintenance unit which restores a number (depends on ship class) of HP to damaged ship parts at the end of every turn. However, the Hull cannot be repaired during the operations, and it is automatically restored between the operations.

Each ship also has an Emergency repair team, which can be used only a few times during each operation to fully restore chosen ship part.

Stay tuned to learn more about the game mechanics and features in the next updates.

The Early Access starts on April 30.
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