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A new indie historical wargame on Unreal Engine 4

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Panzer Strategy: Blitzkrieg is a historical wargame on Unreal Engine where like in re­al life you can adapt your units to any objective using equipments and skills. Moreover you can make your tactics even more flexible with skills and abilities of your HQ and the HQ Commander!

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Hello, guys! Today, we are proud to announce that Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom will be released on 21 May 2021.

“We are happy to announce the release date for Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom. When we started working on the Strategic Mind series back in 2018 our goal was to cover all major powers in WW2, and now we are finally close to that goal.” - says Ihor Tymoshenko, the CEO of Starni Games.

Free Demo Update
We know that you have been waiting for it, and want it to released as soon as possible, so to make your wait more pleasant we will update the Free Demo for the game on 8 May 2021 - Victory in Europe Day - so that you will be able to play the first operations of both UK and USA campaigns for free with sound and cinematics. We hope that it will keep you occupied until the full release comes on 21 May and will be a great celebration of the civilized world victory in WW2.

All Strategic Mind series titles update
Additionally, all our previous Strategic Mind titles are getting an overhaul to be compatible with the upcoming Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom - which includes upgraded tutorials, bug fixes, and other quality of life improvements. The update is planned for the last days of April.

Let’s turn May 2021 into a wargamer’s holiday!
We hope that we can turn the preparations for the release into a true wargamer’s holiday with lots of stuff going on both in terms of news about the upcoming Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom and in terms of the content available to you throughout the next month.

Community support matters
Please, let us know your thoughts in the comments! We have already implemented lots of features based on community feedback and will keep doing so to the best of our ability. Thus, you can be sure that your voice matters and all you need to do is give us meaningful feedback and wait for us to implement your suggestion. Together we can build the best wargame possible.

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