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Sixth Set of Titles Greenlit Today

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AskaLangly 2013. máj. 6., 12:35 
Smiling Spectre 2013. ápr. 24., 10:31 
Only 20 games for 2 months?! I hoped for some system changes. Ok... :(
Tomppelix 2013. ápr. 21., 6:43 
WHERE THE HECK IS WWII ONLINE: BATTLEGROUND EUROPE!! It has almost 10 000 votes and others get almost only 1000 and they get in steam but not the real deal!! VOTE WWII Online IN greenlight!!
Sucio Dan 2013. ápr. 20., 10:33 
Digital Happiness 2013. ápr. 19., 3:17 
@FUN Creators
imho well...FYI crowdfunding is very different in our country Indonesia, first KS with their great gaming influence is available only for US residents. 2nd even we running on indiegogo campaign:
it's very hard to do crowdfunding there so we're still trying to do our funding with traditional way :p, even our traffic and number of votes is good enough, we rank #23 btw, we still find it's not fair if Steam Greenlit based from succeed on their kickstarter project only, and hopefully they also judge a game based not from statistic only.
Eb42 2013. ápr. 19., 1:46 
@Alden: Oh, I see. Finally I understand why finished game have lower chance to pass. Thank you for a clarification. But you should understand that this approach really hurts. It is not easy be independent developer and develop game many, many years and than wait and wait and wait...
FUN Creators 2013. ápr. 19., 1:17 
I think we are at a very critical stage of Greenlight, Valve guys are doing well in testing the effect of Kickstarter projects, so we may see 1 of 2 scenarios soon:
1) Greenlit huge number of Kickstarter projects (with high priority)
2) Greenlit the minimum of Kickstarter projects
This will depend on their sales performance during the coming period.

The logic is going with choice 1, but game industry is crazy, nothing is guaranteed! Not to mention that developers lose huge copies & gifts during their campaigns there!
So let's watch and see. But Yeah, I think everything is clear now & there is no disrespect to community, it is kind of a bet.
Digital Happiness 2013. ápr. 18., 19:44 
ha..sure thank you, nice info
devilkingxam 2013. ápr. 18., 18:02 
Did anyone notice that the Kickstarter for Planet Explorers is still going on?
Alden  [Fejlesztő] 2013. ápr. 18., 13:25 
@Digital Happiness: I had intended to post the brief write-ups of each title, but physically ran out of space here (apparently we limit character counts on announcements... something we will hopefully fix in the future). I've posted the write-ups to the Steam Blog here: