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Exactly one year ago, we were sitting here in Berlin terribly excited, because day X had finally arrived: After several years of work, endless overtime and gallons of sweat and tears, we finally released Trüberbrook on March 12, 2019 here on Steam! :steamhappy:

To celebrate this with you Trüberbrook is 50% off till March 16, 2020! We also added Steam Trading Cards to the game, and a little stream to the Steam page, where Hans and Florian play Trüberbrook and tell you some background information about the game - including some documentary material. Enjoy!

It has been a very exciting year for all of us here at btf and you, of course, have been a big part of this great excitement as well! Thanks to you all for your messages, your feedback, the lovely exchange with you and especially the love with which our first game was showered. We sure learned a lot that helps us for our upcoming projects!

We received tons of emails asking for another Trüberbrook adventure based in rural Germany. But we have to disappoint you unfortunately, because there is nothing to announce. But all of us love Trüberbrook with all of our heart - and hey, never say never.

Lots of greetings from Team Trüberbrook!

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