Ring of Elysium

Ring of Elysium

Early Access Patch Notes - 6.15.2019 (2)

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Pendzich Jul 17 @ 5:43pm 
had ROE FB support say that their Anti Cheat system only looks at players that are reported. so they do not actively prevent or look for cheaters until reported. sounds kind of funky to me
N0rthernW3st Jun 17 @ 12:17am 
taj_f Jun 16 @ 2:38pm 
michaelamia Jun 16 @ 2:27pm 
That with helicopter happend to me. :D :D
GnitroM Jun 16 @ 11:43am 
FPS and MS so Poor .
☭ Пимм ☭ Jun 16 @ 8:44am 
well done DEV TEAM ! !! ! i was able to play DX12 and now i am not. Please add AMD cards to the list FAST !!!!!!!!!!!!
vCadet TV Jun 16 @ 7:15am 
sooo ur not gona fix the glitch where you can play in TPP while in a FPP game? it's been posted on reddit and twitter
☠ JohnBrick™ ☠ Jun 16 @ 6:40am 
First: I'm a fan of the potential this game has. I play a lot and from the beginning.

Now the FPS dropped in low from 110-120fps down to 60fps and in standard with a low AA from 90fps down to 40fps ! (RX580 on a RYZEN system)

Now I play in low. The visibility at a distance is too short to have a fair chance to play against someone who can play on a higher setting with a bigger visibility at a distance.

When you start the new game, all the items are by far not fully pre-loaded. You can't even see walls of a building or the items on the ground for 20-30 seconds.

Europa still sucks compared to Mt. Dione. The new look makes it even more ugly and more plain with much less coverage.

Don't get me wrong. This game could be by far the best battle royal game !

BUT: You kill the performance more and more with every update !
You lie in terms of the Map Mt. Dione. If you give Mt. Dione a fair shot, everybody would love it. You draw your own wrong conclusions..it sucks.
ping Jun 16 @ 5:43am 
gtx 960m support for dx12 ?