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The Spy Who Shrunk Me

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The Spy Who Shrunk Me

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Moscow, 1981. Agent Audrey Smoothspy is sent on a mission that is about to turn the Cold War into a fiery one. Steal a Soviet shrink ray, nab some banana peels and get to work - the future of the free world depends on your skills of stealth and subterfuge.

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The Spy Who Shrunk Me VR has been updated! The new patch brings some minor fixes and some new additions.

- New ranged grab system
- Height adjustment
- Dedicated crouch button
- Added some more collision checking to the Teleporter gadget to prevent certain severe cases of no-clipping through solid stuff
- Made VR settings sliders easier to use
- Fixed double agent spawns in "Mind of Madness"
- Fixed edge case where scientists and Eierkopf might not spawn in "Mind of Madness"

Some known issues we'll fix soon:
- Crouching with button while shrunk makes you see through the world
- Sometimes picking dropped shrink ray when shrunk will make it gigantic

Stay tuned for the end of month - an all new mission, localization and much more is coming soon!

Have a nice weekend,
Tomi Toikka
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