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Outer Wilds

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Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye is now available on Steam!

Purchase it here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1622100/Outer_Wilds__Echoes_of_the_Eye/

Along with the expansion comes patches version 1.1.8, 1.1.9, and 1.1.10. Here's what's changed in the current version:

1.1.8 Changelog


  • Turkish is now an available language
  • Fixed writing and localization throughout the game
  • Polished clue for Southern Observatory and fixed a contradiction regarding the museum statue
  • New Nomai computer on Hollow’s Lantern

  • Overhauled input rebinding system and controller support
  • Planetary bodies and the sun no longer become invisible beyond a viewing distance of 50 km
  • Ocean shader optimizations
  • Fixed some behavior involving Nomai viewing platforms
  • Numerous bug fixes

  • “Gear Options” menu revamped to “Pre-flight Checklist” menu
  • Major menu revisions

  • New building and campsite added to Timber Hearth
  • The doze off ability is now unlocked after getting the launch codes
  • Future exhibit site added to observatory museum
  • Hearthian Deep Space Satellite added to solar system
  • Increased player jump responsiveness
  • Boost can now be activated even if boost/jump input is pressed slightly before up thrust input
  • Made it easier to launch Scout through certain ruined walls
  • Hide-and-seek frequency is now removed after the tutorial
  • Traveler instruments are now affected by a certain event
  • Revised a visual aid in the Southern Observatory to be less misleading

  • Improved lighting model on ghost matter crystals and similar shaders
  • Added ambient occlusion volumes to improve lighting in dark spaces
  • Updated credits sequence

1.1.9 Changelog
  • New music and SFX throughout Echoes of the Eye content
  • Numerous gameplay improvements throughout Echoes of the Eye content
  • Numerous optimizations to improve performance
  • Numerous bugfixes, particularly to input and controller rebinding
  • Props and small art fixes throughout Echoes of the Eye content

Hotfix 1.1.10 Changelog
  • A hidden treasure was added
  • Fix to rumble on multiple controllers
  • A fix for UI textures for input bindings being incorrect in certain situations
  • Logan's fix for shadow seams along the river cubemap
  • Fixed a nullref for a certain ending
  • Fixed the silhouette of ruins not showing up in post-credits scene
  • Fix for BH white hole proxy thing that caused BH chunks to float in space
  • Fix for Radio Tower signal

For those who are just downloading version 1.1.8, please ensure that all subsequent patches are installed; in particular 1.1.9 significantly improves the gameplay experience.
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