Only 2 days left before the Closed Testing. Emails with keys are already sent!

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Romka Aug 1 @ 3:17pm 
my beta key was in spam mail
SolidMitsos Aug 1 @ 10:46am 
come on i was waiting so much to test the dissapointed ,got no key :VSnake:
Corruption Aug 1 @ 9:59am 
I got no key and im subscriber to the beta since 2017... FeelsBadMan
ChubbyCoconut Jul 31 @ 8:34pm 
I hope the applications that were e-mailed to us didn't have any extra influence on who was picked to play beta because absolutely nowhere on the playegress website was such a thing mentioned and since it was considered spam mail we wouldn't have gotten any notifications for it. When we subscribed for the beta that was it, we didn't get any information on an e-mail or application which is incredibly bad communication if it actually played a roll in the selection process.
Police officer Jul 31 @ 2:08pm 
no keys :(
Ligneous Jul 31 @ 12:28pm 
первый раз в жизни подписался на бета-тест какой-то игры и то продинамили...:Toxic_Geralt:
На все 4 заявки пришли ключи
Kkkenav Jul 30 @ 8:50am 
Corvo Jul 30 @ 8:46am 
No key for me too, rip.
Orion Jul 30 @ 6:26am 
Dang, no key for me...was planning to play this tomorrow. #denied