Update 0.64. Information about missions, bug fixes

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guniball  [developer] Nov 13 @ 7:20am 
could you please send log files to us?
Settan Nov 12 @ 2:07pm 
seems like there is a problem when you open the game itself, it says "connecting" but never connects to the menu and it just stays there, it doesnt happen to me but i have a few friends that i cant play with because of that, any idea?
guniball  [developer] Nov 10 @ 10:30pm 
Many thanks for your feedback. We are studying these problems and try to solve them as soon as possible
Phlair Nov 10 @ 10:04pm 
10 hours in the game. Loving it other than it is incredibly hard to find matches in the US. Making it possible to switch targets without having to untarget and target again would be nice seeing as you sometime retarget the same person. If you have the camera against a wall when you use a projectile it will hit the wall and deal damage to yourself. Also the moltovs and other projectiles will hit thru walls in someone is standing on the other side hiding. Same if you attack you can hit thru the walls. This game is going to be a great success. Can't wait to see what's to come!
guniball  [developer] Nov 10 @ 9:34pm 
Thank you for message. We are already working to fix this
Nobody Nov 10 @ 4:56pm 
The electrical panel can be destroyed by attacking through the opposite side of the wall. The blade girl (forgot her name) has a much quicker attack than the other classes. Maybe I'm just whining, but if she could lose some poise when she stun locks you I think that would balance it out. When you are on the lift and you drop the item, it stays in the air instead of staying on the lift. Thanks for listening and really enjoying the game so far.