Closed Beta Test has begun!

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Scittalec Aug 1 @ 3:11pm 
Проблемы с серверами. Для этого и нужны тесты :steamsad:
Dimetrio Aug 1 @ 3:01pm 
матчи не находит, к сожалению :angrytiger:
Silavire Aug 1 @ 1:33pm 
I'm pressing "start game" and it sends me to main menu or does nothing. And I can't invite anyone besides my friends (who are not playng this game). So how do you start to play?
NoobSupremo 2.0 Aug 1 @ 1:25pm 
Im Downloading
Quiet Lover Aug 1 @ 1:09pm 
Не можем. В лобби пусто
Ju1ce Aug 1 @ 1:01pm 
how do i get in?
JuStTOPCHO Aug 1 @ 1:01pm 
How am I supposed to download it when it is not available in the shop?
Machao Aug 1 @ 12:56pm 
The game is 2.4gb and the update 3.7gb ????