The first gameplay video of Egress. Alpha Footage

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Gabe | Jun 3 @ 6:38pm 
This does look clunky, but there is a lot of time to improve and remember, the release this year doesn't have to be the final product. Subnautica was released a long time ago and they just finished it this year. I subbed for testing btw, really excited. There's room to improve but it looks promising. Keep it up!
AussieGamerGuy May 8 @ 1:11pm 
'The music in the video is just music in the video, its not in game, don't worry'

Not sure why they did that but just an FYI
Corrupted Slime May 8 @ 3:47am 
Finally Battleroyale with characters, abilities and proper meele combat. It's also cool that death zone expands vertically. The music is a bit too epic and doesn't suit this fight. You should add places to hide if you didn't. You have many to do I guess but if you have the money/patience to polish this concept, it should achieve popularity.
Net Sphere Engineer May 7 @ 4:31pm 
Well I loved the idea for this game! But please remember there is still a lot of time to improve the battle animations and maybe change that battle music :(
Neroican May 7 @ 2:18pm 
Выглядит многообещающе, боевка неплоха, учитывая степень готовности игры, графика и визуальный стиль на уровне, из небольших минусов - немного неестественная анимация ходьбы и low-impact молотов, но это по первым впечатлениям
Ziggylata May 7 @ 8:28am 
Honestly, if you dont have anything good to show you really shouldnt show anything yet, this looks like the clunkiest uninspired garbage ive ever seen. I like the atmospheric music but the battle music isnt great. The combat is really really poor here.