Diesel Railcar Simulator

Diesel Railcar Simulator

Another small bugfix update

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Lapioware  [developer] Jul 12 @ 10:16pm 
Hi silkomat, very sorry to reply this late, I missed the notification!

- The current version is 32-bit which is why it can only use around 4GB of RAM. Some players don't have a 64-bit system so I'll need to start releasing two separate versions but first the release process needs to be streamlined because it currently takes 2-7 hours to release an update. The loading stutter will hopefully be eliminated by the end of the project.
- Yes, the head sway is perhaps a bit exaggerated and needs some tweaking, maybe it could be made customisable in the settings
- Trains can't derail yet but this is something I'll probably add in the future, it's not a high priority though
silkomat Jul 9 @ 1:37pm 
Hi Lapioware.

I am so happy that somebody cares for train simulation eventually (ok Run8 is still doing decent job).
I am enjoying DRS though I would like you to consider following to make it even better:

- Would it be possible making scanerios use as much RAM as possible? Occasional loading scenery stutters are a bit frustrating in 2018. Complete usage of RAM including OS WIN 10 is around 4.3 GB... Why not use at least up to 8GB, 16GB... (hope it's 64bit app)
- Cabin sway is a little bit too much, though bogie moves seem to be precise :) Maybe cam to be less sensitive?
- Can the trains derail actually?
Pdguru Jun 13 @ 2:00pm 
Thank you, sir!
Lapioware  [developer] Jun 12 @ 9:48pm 
Ok Pdguru, I'll increase the max value of the LOD bias and the exhaust drawing range in the next update.
Pdguru Jun 12 @ 9:18am 
Lapioware - yes, LOD is all the way up. Still some popping in far distance and (and exhausts at closer distance). 1080 Card.
PvtStash Jun 12 @ 1:03am 
Awesome dude, love your work. DRS, best go-to zen game ever.
Lapioware  [developer] Jun 11 @ 10:49pm 
Pdguru, you can adjust the LOD bias in the graphics settings. If you set it to max, do things still pop (apart from the exhausts)?
SHINCHAN Jun 11 @ 10:06pm 
Pdguru Jun 11 @ 9:11pm 
Yes, a nice improvement. Thank you. I think you might push the draw distances/LODs a bit for those with higher end computers to prevent the popping in and out, especially the exhausts.
Jimmy Dali Jun 11 @ 9:34am 
Looks awesome