Deadly Days

Deadly Days

Campfire stories: What the future holds

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Cpat Tom Jul 4, 2018 @ 5:00am 

I would also love to see multiple squads instead of a single leader. This would be a very nice addition allowing buddy systems!

Additionally, Skins are neat, but I wish they gave bonuses to specific activities, ie the knight has a sword/shield and is great in CC, the agent is super proficient with a pistol or he takes damage for his leader, the Banana attracts more zombie attention cause hes a giant banana.

Anyway, I enjoy whay yall are doing, and look forward to what is to come!
Cpat Tom Jul 4, 2018 @ 5:00am 
I hope that yall add some UI elements for survivors and their ammo status. The ability to equip a survivor with a specific weapon type and have it auto reload would be amazing.

The challenges I have currenlty have are making sure they dont run out of ammo, making sure that they prioritze re-arming themselves instead of diving headlong into a pack of zombies, and keeping an eye on health. I also have a little trouble clicking things sometimes, especially if I am trying to get a leader placed or target a zombie. Targeting leads to murder boner survivors who will kill themselves in an attempt to kill things though. I also wish I could set them to defend the base and have that provide some sort of defensive bonus for the times that you may have sent 1 to many survivors out on mission and you really just need to make it until night.