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We. The Revolution

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We get a lot of feedback that you guys are constantly interested in new additions to the game. And as always, we're on duty! And this time we have something special for you:) Not just your usual patch, but really cool addition to the game.

We have worked on special "Arena mode" for We. The Revolution for some time. Thanks to this mode you will be able to delve into the times of the French Revolution again. We know that many of you enjoy the court cases the most! So, Arena mode will let you play just court cases without involving into family issues and strategical clashes on map of Paris.

You may try to resolve each case in a different way each time - of course you still need to worry about not being lynched or called a traitor. There are 44 cases overall solving which will let you earn points in the world ranking! So, you may compete not only with the game itself but also with other gamers!

Another huge addition is support for the Russian language! Comrades, your revolution begins today! We heard many of you asked for it and here it is, enjoy!
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