Post Scriptum

Post Scriptum

Update v1.0.75 - Changelog

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Sicario Sep 20 @ 9:49am 
"-Add: New Infantry sandbag model" This is NOT what we asked for. We asked for STACKABLE sandbags you ♥♥♥♥ing dimwits.
Pho3niX Sep 19 @ 6:39pm 
Better performance on my 2013 computer, i don't know if you can also optimize the binoculars. When i zoom it froze 1-2 seconds everytimes. Lately there is too much spawnkiller to MSP, they don't try to destroy the MSP or enter the zone to cancel the spawn. 400 tickets is a little short.
0341motorman Sep 19 @ 4:34pm 
change the tickets back to 800 or 600 atleast 400 is way to little and ruins good matches if people are complaining about time then go play battlefield or cod am sick of people complaining the first time they play that they keep dieing and cant see the enemy they do not give the game a chance and adopt and overcome , never the less the game is still going down hill which is a shame hopefully the devs can pull through which i believe they will. just keep pumping out the updates and with time, the game will become what there vision of the final product will be.
Dragspels-Göte Sep 19 @ 9:36am 
Nice game! Like old days when maps were big and you had time to think!
I would like it to be possible to pick up weapons from the ground - if only with the inserted magazine. Would bring more reality.
And plz add the lovely Sten Mk.II
DucaDiMonti Sep 19 @ 4:28am 
Improve graphics performance please!
HeadQuaker Sep 17 @ 12:07pm 
always waiting for the possibility to use del et pagedown to lean....
Maxwell Sep 17 @ 10:49am 
I loved this game so much, but I do feel that the tickets should be raised to 600-650.

I agree that 800 was way too much and only once I ran out of tickets in a game, but 400 feels so short and does not let you enjoy the game. 800 gave people chance to counterattack and actually do stuff, now it feels too numb and quick..

please save this game by changing the tickets, thanks PS team! ;)
Challenger [CC] Sep 17 @ 10:24am 
Ohhh so nice !

-Gameplay: Tickets from 800 to 400 on all layers

Finally you go in the right direction from time to ticket based gameplay, as it should be for a PR/Squad like game !!!
(SMERSH)Kortik Sep 16 @ 10:22pm 
any plans for eastern front Red Army troops and tanks etc...?
Fen'Harel Sep 16 @ 5:41pm 
Keep up the good work! Picked up the game today and am pretty impressed. Below are some issues I've found...

- Shadow and 1st person animations are not synced and the shadow moves faster than the player
- I'm getting a ton of map flashes when playing a large game. It's rather crazy. It helped to pre-load textures but still happens when a lot of going on
- The tanks do not turn very well at all - it's near impossible to move the tiger in any direction but straight
- Generally speaking, tracked vehicles are extremely hard to use. They jitter all over the map
- Motion blur gets stuck at times and textures are look awful even if not moving your head
- The training ranges are brutal... people spawn camp a ton and it's hard for new players to learn the game

More to come as I find it.