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‘Best’ is the most recent map to release in our Bloody Seventh chapter. This narrow map, which features hilly terrain and intense close quarter urban battles, has been inspired by one of the real locations of Operation Market Garden but with some added variety to the environment, which we hope will offer players a different challenge to those that our other maps offer.
Be it in on top of a hill or at the bottom of a muddy ditch, the enemy is always closer than you think.

- 2km x 0.8km
- Influenced by the real locations of ‘Operation Market Garden’
- Map designed for smaller teams/server seeding.

Best Teaser Trailer

Changelog: V1.0.388

- Add: Best Offensive 01, AAS 01, AAS 02
- Add: Arnhem Range updated

- Fix: Small objects overhaul to enable vehicles to go through on all maps
- Fix: Small fx fixes
- Fix: Vertex normals on old oak trees
- Fix: Ammo bag icons not showing up
- Fix: Infantry capture times increased in Armoured gamemode
- Fix: Inconsistencies in vehicle detection in Armoured gamemode

- Sounds: New engine sounds for Panther and Tiger
- Sounds: Ammobag sound volume increase
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