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Early Access Version 1.2.9 Hotfix

All bugs reported since the release of SpaceBourne Early Access Version 1.2.9 have been fixed.

In order to increase the performance, SpaceBourne build type has been changed. Therefore, the save files are no longer kept in the game folder.

If you want to use old save files ;

Copy the save files from ;

C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Spacebourne\ASPv3\Saved\ SaveGames

And paste it to ;

If there is an abnormality in the ship controls, please;

Press the “Reset to Default ” button in the Options> Controls section, then select one of the“ Pre-set ”options.

If there is an abnormality in the ship controls with gamepad, please;

First; try to reset old bindings from “Advance Settings” interface by pressing “ Reset Mode” button.
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