Cogmind goes P̶a̶y̶2̶W̶i̶n̶ "Pay2Buy"

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Reldio Apr 6 @ 2:58pm 
That teaches me to leave a comment without carefully reading the whole thing :P Thanks for working on the game so long my dude
Kyzrati  [developer] Apr 5 @ 2:28am 
@Reldio: Nope, the announcement above includes instructions on how to play any time :)
Reldio Apr 5 @ 1:31am 
Oh I'm guessing I missed all this then I own the game but didn't launch on april 1st or anything, did I miss out entirely on the new mode?
Kyzrati  [developer] Apr 1 @ 6:03pm 
Yeah I'm eager to see who first discovers what the new premature departure Exiles scenario entails ;)

(also everyone should note that is different from the "already attacked" scenario, which has always had its own benefits, for those who can discover them)
Via Apr 1 @ 7:27am 
Evil capitalism strikes hunting and gathering society of innocent robots. One of most artistic April fool joke as far as I know. Lootbox promotions keep me laughing.
And I've felt the away exiles scenario is a little too empty in spite of its good atmosphere, so thank you for updating.
[slckr]robilar5500 Apr 1 @ 5:58am 
Pay to Buy. Speaking truth to power. :)
Kyzrati  [developer] Mar 31 @ 9:58pm 
Because of course there are!

Seriously though last year I was thinking it'd be hilarious to throw loot boxes in there somehow for a special timed event, and now we've got this perfect opportunity :P

Glad everyone's been having fun with it so far. I ended up doing a bit of streaming this morning after all (also couldn't resist...) and the Cogshop puts a pretty neat twist on everything.
Mr. Stimpson Mar 31 @ 7:09pm 
lol, "because of course there are."
MR TETRADECAGONE Mar 31 @ 6:34pm 
I enjoy this game greatly. :ss1bomb: