Beta 5 "Zionic Revolution"

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KonstantStompa Feb 2 @ 1:35pm 
Can't wait to pick this up once I get some money, looking wicked! :steamhappy:
DDarkray Jan 27 @ 3:08pm 
QoL for scrolling :steamhappy:
Kyzrati  [developer] Jan 25 @ 3:59pm 
Okay you all heard it here: Beta 6 will have fewer features so that DDarkray can reach the comments more quickly!

(I just hit End and then scroll up :P)
DDarkray Jan 25 @ 12:29pm 
Wayyyyyyy too many changelog and GIF images! Took me forever to scroll to the comment section! :steammocking:
orangesobe Jan 25 @ 11:57am 
These dev updates are always so pretty and well formatted.
short_b00b5_2001 Jan 25 @ 9:54am 
You added the terrain scanner feature. I love you XD
deejK Jan 25 @ 7:58am 
yet another reason to hone my RL abilities (or lack thereof) in this glorious ASCII universe. very fat update, very cool
Kyzrati  [developer] Jan 24 @ 5:33pm 
Thanks for the support, everyone! Still much more polish and features to come :D

NOTICE: I think I'll skip this week's SITREP, since we just had this major release which ate up most of the week, anyway, plus I'll be on the road. I guess that'll also give me more to talk about next week :)

@Puppet #7: Heh it takes a few hours to put together just the announcement. It'd take even longer but I kinda keep track of the things I want to talk about *while* I'm working on features for a given release. That and all the images are features I recorded/screenshotted (and usually shared via Twitter ) over previous weeks, so while the total amount of time invested in creating an announcement is quite a lot, I spread most of the effort out over a long period so it's not so bad. In the end it's nice having a comprehensive record of everything that went into a release. Myself and others use them for reference sometimes :)
Via Jan 24 @ 2:47pm 
Playing now. A lot of comfortable improvements. I love new distress signal effect, which is really cool and findable.
Puppet #7 Jan 24 @ 2:46pm 
Honestly, how long does it take you to type these updates? They're huge.