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Evochron Mercenary

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Version 2.928 is now live and includes the following improvements:

- Code changes implemented to improve overall memory efficiency for shader based objects.
- Reputation levels could drop to default values under certain rare conditions, now fixed.
- Automatic bypass added for intro video if system is unable to play video on first launch.
- Ships entering radar range would sometimes require manual targeting, now automatic.

The server program (available on the game's official website, http://www.starwraith.com/evochronmercenary/downloads.htm ) has also been updated to matching version number 2.928 and includes the following improvements:

- Lost display device recovery system added (GPU enabled version), allowing the program to restore itself if interrupted due to display device interruption/reset.
- Auto reset option added, allowing the operator to automatically reset the server at a specified interval of time.
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