Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Development Build 8183

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den Nov 2 @ 12:46pm 
Когда ожидать русский язык?
Julius Borisov  [developer] Nov 2 @ 5:43am 
@Ryudo and electryc03 Please report that music issue at (our bug tracker), as this is a Dev build - designed to get feedback, including bug reports.
MATTK404 Nov 1 @ 5:53pm 
Also it is very important that /development/ release be completely free of all bugs or issues before they are given to the public... ;) come on people
MATTK404 Nov 1 @ 5:51pm 
It would be really helpful if before the next release you could implement the aurora toolset on windows mobile... m$ may not believe but I know you will. ;)
Ryudo Oct 31 @ 12:14pm 
Spanish translation for the Aurora Toolset would be great! A lot of people is expecting that, since old versions of the game came with the Aurora in spanish and other languages.

PS: The music cutting out bug that electryc03 is a problem, yeah.

PS 2: Thanks for the hard work, Neverwinter Nights is an awesome game, a classic everyone should have!
electryc03 Oct 31 @ 9:27am 
Can you tell me in the toolset, the music cuts out. This was an old issue that was fixed. Now it plays partial songs and cuts out through random parts of the music.
Humble_Budoka Oct 30 @ 4:59am 
Waiting for Russian lang
Julius Borisov  [developer] Oct 29 @ 8:10am 
@adminere Please create a new report at (our bug tracker), and we'll look at those crashes.
eagles1972 Oct 27 @ 10:53am 
Great work. Please keep adding more features.
[FX] Stormcloak.➴ Oct 26 @ 5:56am 
Best RPG ever made in gaming history, by far. :Finger2::pcrace:

Even Ultra Wide 21:9 (Full Screen) - 144hz G-Sync Support, with fully resolution on max lvl pc can give.

Outstanding, i'm VERY impressed.

Brings back many memories, but with these mods, and new experience in gameplay for the first time.

No problems at all for such an old game, everything goes well.

Seriously, this game is the god of RPG's. :MaxDamage: *Drolls*

Cannot believe how smooth and licked this game looks all the sudden, i'm very pleased.

Thank you for re-making NWN Classic, absolutely one of my fav games. :heartoful: