Generation Zero

Generation Zero

Letter from the Development Team - May 3rd

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clarkeveritas May 8 @ 11:56pm 
Another thing- while this game has some minor clipping and generic issues- it has not ruined the enjoyment of the game in the slightest. So an occasional robot slightly clips through a wall. It's obviously not meant to happen and can lead to cheese-killing of some robots but there is SO much here to like if you like good-atmosphere, rpg-laden first-person-shooters.

Oh, and a couple of new robot classes would really round things out nicely. I'd definitely get a dlc with extra land mass, a couple new weapons, and a few new robots. I'd probably buy it even if it only had 2/3 of those things.

clarkeveritas May 8 @ 11:52pm 
Love the game- keep up the good work.

One note about scopes- they have rarity levels.... the 1* scopes have cracks are are kinda foggy.... when you get 3*-4* scopes they are clear with no cracks or whatnot. This is a gameplay element- in the beginning you are using busted up, old equipment and as you go you find higher-quality weapons and gear...... so this whole "The scopes are bad" thing is actually "1-star, nearly-ruined scopes are bad, higher-quality scopes are good".

Just saying because I've seen that comment several times and it's just a matter of weapon/gear quality. I have a bunch of 3-star scopes and a 4-star and they are much easier to use than the early busted ones.
Ekho May 8 @ 12:08am 
Boxcutter, I'd say my 35€ were only good for a few days... :cozyhitman2: Missions aren't fun, robots acted weird... scopes are horrible
boxcutter May 7 @ 5:25pm 
Will you at try to fix the issue of crashing at the start up of game?
Paid money for this and I can't even play it any more.
At start up.... it say "Performing online login then CRASH.
Was my $37.00 only good for 20 days of play?
SPaVel26 May 7 @ 4:00pm 
Add No vehicles please. Indeed one of the (few) charms of the game now is to run cross country and to search & destroy.
INTOWN May 7 @ 2:57pm 
only working on" existing machines?" no new ones? meh.
shitass May 6 @ 8:43pm 
and some times you'll be running and just fall thur the ground over and over and over......
shitass May 6 @ 8:41pm 
yes the frame rate dose drop to the bottom in heavy action.
stian15123 May 6 @ 11:58am 
can you make the game run better?
"not sure if its my pc or the game"
Canis Majoris May 6 @ 9:48am 
no Italian language no Italian €