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The carnage starts 23.7.2018

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Zeal is an indie Action RPG that allows you to build your character and fight against players in Arenas, slay creatures in Dungeons and conquer savage lands against both in Conquest Mode

Zeal — Indie Action RPG focused on PvP
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Due to the challenges we have faced and other obstacles approaching such as the release of Classic WoW, we have decided to postpone Zeal Alpha Phase to late September.
The exact date will be announced later, but currently we are looking at the 25th of September.
The Zeal Alpha itself will be available on Steam and Discord for a fixed price of $10.
More information about this will be posted closer to the release.

Meanwhile, our planned Patreon campaign is nerfed and won’t be used as the main monetization method. Instead, we’ll have $20, $35 and $50 tiers with unique cosmetic rewards for the biggest zealots.

Also, subscribing to the $20 tier will give you access to the current dev builds of Zeal starting from the 25th of August, a month before the release!
Check it out:

We are aware you guys cannot wait to play, but we are not able to compete with initial Classic WoW hype (even though it has no arena), so we would rather take this time to improve the game even further for now. On the other hand, our 2D/3D Artists are working on creating better visuals for the game that we might tease you guys with soon.

Join our Discord to stay tuned:
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