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Official Release Date and New Trailer!

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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark FAN Apr 18 @ 10:22pm 
if this gets a SWITCH version release this year...its insta buy then i'll wait for a physical release next year :steamhappy:
Conan The Librarian Apr 18 @ 7:12pm 

To quote a recent Kickstarter update: "Finally, there is no official announcement yet, but we're very confident that the game will end up on the Switch, although that will be "later than April". If anyone would like to select a Switch Key instead, you can send us an email about that and we'll add a note in your information. Once again though, we expect any Switch version to come later than April, so keep that in mind..."
kiddeanamite Apr 18 @ 7:11pm 
will this get a switch release?
Conan The Librarian Apr 18 @ 2:17pm 

I recommend seeing this thread (and the ones linked in it etc) to get a good answer on that.


But yes, there are still some more balance / polish updates in the works before official release. My bottom line? Perfectly fine to start now, but also fine to wait 2 weeks if you'd prefer.
Kailen_ Apr 18 @ 2:14pm 
I stopped playing shortly after the EA release because I really enjoyed it and wanted to wait until it was finished. Are there any major updates coming before release, or can i go ahead and start playing again? :)
skittza Apr 17 @ 3:42pm 
Great news! :-)
1C_Dan  [developer] Apr 17 @ 9:35am 
We will be releasing 30th of April 10am PT/ 7pm CEST :)
BrigBriz Apr 17 @ 9:16am 
This is awesome news!! For the PC release, is there an exact time y'all have available? I'd love to schedule a day off so I can play/stream this game!
BrigBriz Apr 17 @ 9:14am 
@Gaesdaud that's awesome!!
@FroBodine Gaesdaud was talking about a gpd win a portable pc to play this game. console ports of valkyria and ys are just bad thats why i said that.

mostly of the valkyria series are on psp and im not that much fan of emulators coz its not a guarantee to work 100% so ports or emu using gpd are a no for me. i'd rather buy the game on console than have tons of headaches on poor ports, just like in MHW pc lol

there's not much point for me if i buy the gpd win if i can only enjoy a few games without a problem. mostly the games i want to play again wont have new patches to fix it like valkyria here on steam.