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Build 0.9.1 - Big Balance Update

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Dominia(Catabrie) Mar 27 @ 9:29am 
Amazing new changes!! Loving everything you guys are doing lately! Amazing game!!!
@plextheflex try flexing wallet if u have one. why are you bothering complaining here instead of playing your AAA games?

games arent about graphics, these AAA games u speak of are mostly just about graphics but wheres the gameplay mostly at, at the ingame store in those games? lol

you're here coz you are tired of playing those games? lol

im a fan of FFT thats why i bought this and what are you, price tag hater? ahaha
6 Eyes Studio  [developer] Mar 25 @ 8:16am 
Hey :) Thanks for taking the time to give us your comments!
Appearance: we won't be adding a general option to change their appearance, as it wouldn't be possible with the way our sprites work. That being said, we are thinking of including some "different looks" that could be unlocked by the player. That will probably come only after release though.

As for the extra classes: thanks for the suggestion! We don't have time to add more classes before release at this point, but we'll keep those in mind for any future content!

More gear: we do plan to make a few more changes to gear before release, so keep checking up on things on that front!

Thanks for the suggestions :)
6 Eyes Studio  [developer] Mar 25 @ 6:48am 
@plextheflex: I'm sorry to hear you're not liking our price point.

I'd like to point out though that AAA titles sell for 49.99$ to 59.99$, so our 29.99$ tag is very far from that, especialy for the amount of content our title as, which is quite hefty :)

Lastly, the Early Access price was 19.99$ for the 6 months our Early Access lasted. We had to adjust it to "same price as release" shortly before release to comply with various Steam pricing restrictions.
Questor Mar 25 @ 6:35am 
Hello my friends.I am Russian,use translator, sorry in advance. Your game seemed to me a masterpiece in its genre, thank you for your work. And for their response to our reviews. I like everything. I wanted to ask to add the ability to change the appearance of Unique characters during the game, as well as to consider the option to add the Lancer and Pets/animals example like FF tactics,tactics OGR possibly more "Unique" things,objects,armor.weapom. I bring my gratitude, buy the game and subscribe to your work. Great project
plextheflex Mar 24 @ 8:52pm 
lastly this game is ♥♥♥♥ing early access for godness sake how can you make people pay so much look at slay the spire that game used to be cheap some youtubers played it cause it was a small investment and then the game gained popularity and now look at it its at a triple A price tag and doing well
plextheflex Mar 24 @ 8:50pm 
i was planning on getting this game soon cause i love indie games and im glad someone took the final fantasy tactics recipe and made it into its own thing BUT THIS IS NOT A TRIPLE A GAME i am sorry but it aint and its not worth the price tag why would ya raise the game price so much that is a huge investment for something that i can easily just go and play on an emulator on my phone to kill my urge this does not have tripple a quality graphics maybe gameplay but otherwise why the f raise the price thats just gonna leave more people not buying the game now im gonna have to wait for a big sale in summer for me to even consider to buy this game over a tripple A tittle game that will be at the same price as yours and bring 5x times more content im not saying your game is bad im saying that you should lower the cost so more people can play it share it and get people to buy it and play this is a terrible move
6 Eyes Studio  [developer] Mar 24 @ 8:50am 
We put up another small update today. It's pretty small and mainly fixes some typos from the last build (Steal descriptions not updated to mention damage, the forgotten stat cap increase, etc).
6 Eyes Studio  [developer] Mar 24 @ 7:29am 
Thanks for the kind words Dr. Beatman Da Mavera! :)
As for Turkish, we'll have to show how sales go.
To be honest though, data from other games usually suggest that Turkish localization will not pay for itself for many titles, sadly (not enough players purchases and low regional price means it needs too many copies to break even).
Dr. Beatman da Mavera Mar 24 @ 3:54am 
Hi, I congratulate you,
the game looks really beautiful, cant wait to april for play.
I have a wish for you. Plz add turkish lang. 150 million people speak this language. After FFT ı waited too much for FFT like games. I hope you will succeed. my english is not very good but in turkey have translators for games. They can translate for really cheap prices. And u guys can sell that game in turkey too. Cause in my country english knowledge rate is really low. Cause of this people wait for turkish mods or turkish updates usually.