Dungeon Warfare 2

Dungeon Warfare 2

Update 1.1.0

33 Rate up
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洛克希德·马云 Jul 13 @ 9:55am 
occums_razor Jul 13 @ 6:56am 
as far as i can test it seems that the skill "frostbite" that increases damage on "chilled" targets is not working. It is hard to tell for sure. i am testing it on hallway, one with a freezing tower and one without. both test it takes 3 arrows to kill an identical unit. The frostbite level 10 gives me 110% damage. The difference should be noticable. Can anyone confirm? And is there a place to report bugs? Game is great though! would like to see a "Hard" mode. right now i am playing with made up handicaps :).
꧁⎛⎝ R.Gronow⎠⎞꧂ Jul 13 @ 6:56am 
where is the point to ascendent i think i dont do that
KillerQuin Jul 13 @ 5:59am 
Tomasz79 Jul 13 @ 5:31am 
+1 to Captain1nsaneo question about runes, also adding same thing about item bag - not sure how those work, but some streamline tools of inventory management like sorting by, mass removal, etc. would be a big help.
Pieces Jul 13 @ 2:45am 
the enactment that some maps only unlocked by ethereal map is too stupid
救 我 鸭 Jul 13 @ 2:30am 
해동왕자 Jul 13 @ 1:02am 
업데이트 감사합니다!
그런데.. 승급의 메리트가 너무 적은 것 같습니다..
아직 40시간 밖에 안했지만 정든 타워와 아이템들이 너무 아깝네요. ㅠㅠ
Captain1nsaneo Jul 13 @ 12:52am 
Nine blues no longer transform into an upgraded gold item.

If I want to break the game, why should I ever ascend? Super happy I read the patch notes before hitting it.

Also do the extra runes in the bag get replaced by higher level runes if I don't empty it out? It maxs out at 200 extra runes and I really don't want to have to empty it to make sure I'm always getting up to level runes.
-210 Jul 12 @ 11:53pm 
I think Teleport Trap with Very High level skill of single trap reload speed buff(sorry. i don't recognized english name) must be nerf. With 50 level of skill , it same as 5 teleporters. I think , Teleporter need costing some money when activated.

You know I just surrender this map because 120 minutes game is so tired. I can't take same strategy all another map for my high scoring! Please take down teleporter some how!