MIND CONTROL DELETE Patch Notes (Alpha 7.0.1m)

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Mesos Feb 26 @ 11:12pm 
found a glitch which causes mushroom enemies bodies that are shot by other enemies as they hit the floor to explode into infinite bullets. Even after the body despawned, bullets continued to come from the spot it landed on.
annechampagne Feb 21 @ 3:02am 
Hey, did you know that on the final level you can just press escape and skip getting those mods? Because if you do, that level really breaks
Johan Bleoak Feb 12 @ 9:43pm 
Yeah, so I'd definitely like to say that I'd like endless mode back because it was so much fun and it was better than the original superhot endless.
maxsalhab Feb 7 @ 9:32pm 
I own the original superhot and the VR version and purchased this also(I missed the part that it was free for owners of the previous games). However I don't understand how the menu system works in this game and what the symbols mean. I'm not talking about the menu settings. I'm talking about where it lets you pick and icon to start playing, which has a cursor that can be moved with the arrow keys. Is there a manual explaining this? Also, I saw as I was looking through the forums using this ~ to activate cheat like features. It doesn't seem to work either. If anyone can point me to the manual to understand navigating the menus I would be greatfull and secondarily the modifications using the ~ in the game. Thanks!
Princess OmO Feb 3 @ 6:02am 
Please bring back endless runs and replays!
I still return to the first one simply because i enjoy just sitting back, jumping into endless and trying to beat my score....this one really deserves those features, especially if this is a sequel.

love the game, but it feels empty without them.
黄金体验 Jan 31 @ 11:17am 
Ty^^ 谢谢!
Spades Slick Jan 18 @ 4:19am 
Also, when I died, the game wouldn't restart. It just showed a lopsided camera and I couldn't do anything.
Spades Slick Jan 18 @ 4:18am 
Just killed a mushroom dude and he exploded. Then he exploded again. Then he kept exploding. Is this a bug or what?
GeneralClayman Jan 13 @ 6:55am 
so, you removed modifiers and endless runs in exchange of a really short ''story'', added 3 minibosses where just 2 of em are killable and you have also removed the entire HC system + online news thingy.
+ you made the Grade ### level a billion times easier with the berserker and closerange teleport hack.
still a fine game, would've atleast kept the endless runs in for replayability
the_arioch Jan 6 @ 8:32pm 
Flashing text better be removed from ALL levels beginning.

It is not only that they are impossible to read and understand and appraciate when screen distortion is in progress.

It is also that you - during that distortion - try to see at least anythign about the situation through the distortions, and you try to guess where you will be spwned too and what would be immediate threats and opportunities, so you would not get killed immediately on arrival.

In those moments the smarty puns or plot hints would be the LAST thing you would ever care about.