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liamjsge Jan 19 @ 4:09pm 
I really enjoyed when I first played the update. The story concept was really intriguing, and I can't get my head around it, wanting more. The new enemies that have been added to the game are really interesting, making the gameplay more intense. The game is amazing... except for a few things. I think the difficulty is a little bit too harsh. I have a lot of issues when it comes to the last level, GRADE### (I don't know if this is the last level) , I cannot even get half way through without dying early. The sensitivity is also another issue, I can't aim properly at enemies without moving just a bit too far past them to hit the shot. Other than those issues which I think you should try to fix if you ever bring your attention to it, I love the update, it's great and would love to see more come out of it.
the_arioch Jan 5 @ 8:46am 
Settings menu should be available in the "begin screne" if one presses F1
Kripzsa Jan 4 @ 3:22pm 
Nice job with this update devs! :D

I haven't had time yet to play trough all the levels, but what I've seen so far seems very good!
I like how the new skill system works so far and the new maps are really good too.
Jack5 Jan 4 @ 12:56pm 
Has the latest patch fixed the issues described below?
Kamiro Jan 3 @ 10:55pm 
How do I play again when i finish?
Pretentious Chicken Jan 3 @ 11:53am 
Great work guys. I can't wait to start fresh and jump back in. Lately I have been playing Twitch integrated games and I thought this would be a great one for it. A horde type mode. Viewers could vote for what map is up next and pick the types of enemies to come in the waves. It would add some randomness and extra replay-ability to it.
cr4kh3d Jan 3 @ 9:17am 
Ok, so I've been a fan of this game for years, and I'm kind of split on this update. On one hand: I understand the desire to do things differently in order to allow new people to play, I loved all the new maps, and I'm glad you kept each MIND's ability in because Ninja's recall was my favorite in the previous build. On the other hand: You got rid of the old menu, which I prefer over the new map system you added, you got rid of the old story elements, and, which I'm sure many people agree, you made it so that going back to play after finishing impossible. I know that it's still in development, and I hope that the next build will allow me to play again.
oleg-provotorov Jan 3 @ 7:04am 
Lets tasting!
Cú Cuinn Jan 2 @ 4:21pm 
This update is really great, worth the wait.
its Jan 2 @ 3:18pm 
I enjoyed this update generally, but:

the Club level won't load, and forces you to alt+f4
sometimes taking Berserk forces you to alt+f4

and worst of all, after completing the game you literally cannot play anymore, launching the game returns you to the same "alt+f4 to exit" screen. Most the fun in the earlier version was infinite mode (which is now gone), and not only is that gone you can't even go back and replay earlier levels.