Farewell, Steam.

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CloudScapeGT  [developer] Mar 15 @ 10:24am 
Hello Air, thank you for your message! Sadly the game is no longer available. If you'd like, you could send us an email and we'll let you know if manage to publish it some other way in the future. Best wishes.
Air Mar 14 @ 11:48pm 
I wanted to buy the game and now it's gone.
CloudScapeGT  [developer] Mar 14 @ 4:32pm 
Hello Delisper, thank you for your kind message and for your interest in the game! Best wishes.
Delisper Mar 14 @ 3:48pm 
Thank you for the removal notice. It allowed me to grab this wishlisted game before it disappears. Good luck with your future projects.
CloudScapeGT  [developer] Mar 14 @ 12:46pm 
Hello Ragnarocker, thanks for your interest in the game! Because of the removal process, we can no longer make sales.
Ragnarocker Mar 14 @ 12:22pm 
final sale
CloudScapeGT  [developer] Mar 14 @ 11:24am 
Hello, thank you for kind comments! It should be removed between today and Monday, we don't have confirmation yet. Sadly, because of the removal process, we can't discount the game anymore. If you'd like, send us an email to cloudscapegt@hotmail.com and we'll let you know if in the future there are other ways for you to get the game. In the meantime, thanks for your interest!
Club Bumpty Mar 14 @ 11:10am 
Sorry to hear that this is leaving, any estimate on what day it'll end up removed so that people don't miss their last chances to nab it?
Klumb3r Mar 14 @ 11:08am