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Hey Everyone,

Welcome to Dev Brief #145!

Some long awaited great news this week as we go live with Patch 16 and Sneak a Peek at the M1942 Frogskin Uniform.

Patch 16 is Live!

An early Developer Brief to start the week with the exciting news of P16 releasing Tuesday. (see below). We have been working very hard on this patch and are hoping that you will find it well worth the wait. Many improvements have been made.

Also for console related updates like the open beta rolling out soon and other news check out our social platforms in the links at the end of the brief.

Stalingrad Fanart by [TC] Sgt Remeriz

Patch 16 Changelog
After a lot of work on many fronts we are pleased to announce the release of Patch 16 our long awaited ‘Optimization’ patch. We are very excited for how this patch will perform especially on the eastern front. As we have mentioned previously a lot of work and thought has gone into this update to improve upon many aspects of the Hell Let Loose experience. Below you can see a small list of some noticeable items with the full (8 page) changelog in the link at the end of the list.

- Extensive optimization pass on Stalingrad
- Switched from a fixed streaming pool size to being based on a % of available VRAM across all maps
- Continuous optimization pass on a large number of in-game assets (Far too many to list)
- Reduced frame stutter occurring in Kursk and Carentan caused by PhysX
- Holding [F] while bleeding will immediately equip a bandage and begin bandaging
- Added a “Streamer Mode” which hides player name, garrison locations and server information from all HUD elements
- FPS is now capped to 60 in the Main Menu to prevent 100% GPU usage
- Improved server stability
- A vehicle's component health is now displayed to the player repairing the vehicle
- During overtime if the Attackers capturing progress reaches 0% the match will now end.
- Critical/Downed players no longer block spawns.
- Vehicle components now repair in the following order: Engine > Tracks > Turret > Hull
- Improved the reliability of VOIP connection and the ability to reconnect using the reconnect feature

Read the full changelog list here: {COLLEGAMENTO RIMOSSO}

This Weeks Sneak Peek

A stylish way to get your stealth on with these camo variants of the M1942 Frogskin Uniform design.

M1942 Frogskin Camo Uniform Front

M1942 Frogskin Camo Uniform Back

War Correspondent, Content Creator and Community HLL Videos
Time for some more community highlights from the below creators

We highly recommend giving them a watch.
If you see a Video you like make sure to post in the Discord #hll-videos channel.


Hell Let Loose Gameplay (PC UHD) [4K60FPS] - Throneful

Hell Let Loose - Spectator - Battle For Scar & Jacob's Barn - Tatum

Don’t forget that if you haven’t checked out the other Hell Let Loose socials you should do so. Like our discord you will find them great places for information and community interaction.

Join the Discord here

Our other social platforms can be found here:


An early dev brief? Does this mean more news coming later in the week?? Well, it's time to wrap up today's Dev Brief. See you all on the frontline!

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