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Kapi Heartlilly Aug 15 @ 12:17pm 
Game is worth it for 10/30.

- The game has decent optimisation, except for the memory leak past a few hours
- Decent Graphics, Only surpassed by Black Desert
- Much of the skills are balanced (except Paladins Heal/Damage in PvP)
- Faster Content Release then other Asian Ported Games (Black Desert.... global build meme)
- Less RNG reliant and P2W Then other Korean Games.
- Bigger Population then most Korean Ported Games.
zyzolol Aug 15 @ 8:43am 
Game is not even worth $10.

-The game is still very poorly OPTIMIZED!
-Dated and Generic Graphics.
-Much of the skills are Forced and Useless.
-Heavily gated re-released years old content.
-FULL with Cheaters/BOTS, people who cheated their ways to wealth.
-Game rewards No brain grind more so Than playerskill.
-[SCHEDULED] PvP ... in 2018 ... HAhaAhAHhAAHhaAhAHa - OMEGALUL.
-No real matchmaking, No Elo - Nothing.
-PvP in general is Braindead, Mediocre and VERY VERY limited.
-Combat is stiff, Repetitive, Boring and lacks depth.
-Your typical RNG, RNG and then some more RNG game.
-Inexperienced MMO developer.
-Little to No quality control.
-VERY High chance of going Pay2Win in the future.
-Milking $$$ from the remaining noobs with forced choices.
-Pretty much a Pokémon GO CASHGRAB MMO.
-Very small and a dying population.

Go play latest WoW BFA, FFXIV, GW2, Monster Hunter World - Pretty much anything is better than Korean MMOs that are known for their Pay2Win model and Low Quality.
Solarstrike Aug 8 @ 9:30pm 
This game has more patches and fixes than my underwear
Geten Aug 8 @ 2:51pm 
BLESS TEAM; I really hope you're aware of Assassin's attacks that doesnt work properly. No dots, no aoe from shadow vortex, massacre dmg is almost a meme.
nopal3d Aug 8 @ 1:11pm 
Its EA why this kids dont understand what ea means they can change whatever they want they feel its better for the game its not like ranger will be like this all the♥♥♥♥♥ing time just be patient if u cant then come back when its official launch.
help; Aug 8 @ 12:50pm 
You guys are insanely mentally ill. A nerf from 50% crit damage to 10%?! Is it April 1st today? Rangers already had less DPS than zerkers and mages before this update, EVEN when using the skill that reduces their movement speed by - 40% and increases The damage they take by +30% to deal 30% more damage.

Now you nerf the crit damage by 40%? What in the actual fuc k are you doing?! You guys were doing alright these last patches without screwing it up but this one was totally terrible. That can't be real. You'll likely loose half of the rangers playerbase with this sh*t and guess what? You didnt even touch any of The Paladins' overpowered strenghts, whose can tank like a truck, heal insanely well and still hit damn hard, being able to kill squishy dpses in one combo or even less than that.

I wont even finish with a "good job neowiz" using sarcasm because you might be stupid enough to think i actually meant good job, so: NO, HORRIBLE JOB.
nopal3d Aug 8 @ 12:44pm 
@Beerus u can get those skins FREE just doing dungeons and pvp and converting points to lumena its so easy.
Kubah Aug 8 @ 12:12pm 
Hello? Pally Nerfs?
Beerus Aug 8 @ 11:33am 
@NOT SANTA sure its natural to lose some but not this much atm there is like 2,5k playing and the max was 34k that drop is HUGE. its not normal so clearly they are failing something and doing things wrong. Not to mention that they dare to sell skins for AAA game price
Procrastinatelife Aug 8 @ 10:28am 
good game love it OP OP buff zerks please kappa 123 yolo snapback swag running an i3 with gtx 1080ti