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[Maintenance] Temporary server maintenance announcement

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FaustAnarhist Jun 26 @ 4:40pm 
Когда появится русская локализация? When will Russian localization appear? Пока нет русского языка в игре, вы будете терять игроков очень быстро и много! While there is no Russian language in the game, you will lose players very quickly and a lot!
AlmostAD Jun 4 @ 1:30pm 
Rangers are too weak and useless, something must be done
Compared to other classes : rangers are significantly weaker currently.

- They do not do nearly as much damage as mages, yet rangers have less defensive options.
- Guardians and paladins, the supposed tanks and heal have significantly more damage also, except they also have more cc and def than rangers.

What is the ranger’s place in this game ?

- No range advantage
- No burst damage advantage
- No CC advantage
- No sustain advantage
- No mobility advantage

In PVE, why would any party take a Ranger for DPS over a berserker or mage ? In PVP, Rangers are the worse class, exept if you backstab a lonely player.

Either other classes have to be nerfed, or rangers need a range increase/damage increase/new skills.

(From Reddit community)
忠 - Majin Okita-San Jun 3 @ 8:09pm 
kaneda Jun 3 @ 11:14am 
here's an idea to avoid external haters and trolls: how about you imput an IN-GAME feature for player feedback (sort of in-game ticket support)
spartax10 Jun 3 @ 10:08am 
hello for when the end of update and the covery of wounded it is possible to wait for tomorrow to play think
Ya boi Klawd Jun 3 @ 9:19am 
Kudos to the devs!
bruhmanfromthefifthfloor Jun 3 @ 8:39am 
is there any plans to fix the optimization or we just assed out? Jun 3 @ 8:32am 
Hey ya'll, if you got nothing to do i'm having a ton of fun playing through the game and answering lots of questions about everything haha. Swing on by for some POSITIVTY! ^ .^/
(sorry to bother hehe:)
Плагиат Jun 3 @ 8:17am 
Сломался доступ к игре после обновления. Разрыв сервера постоянно.
Ayuruk Jun 3 @ 7:50am 
I honestly really like the fact that bless sees a problem and fixes really fast. Thanks guys.