Heroes of Hammerwatch

Heroes of Hammerwatch

Pyramid of Prophecy released!

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CatrMarse Mar 19 @ 12:54am 
Local co-op should be in the game, developper are just lazy I think and apologize if they get offended. You don't need to be genius to guess how the HUD would be in local coop and that controller gameplay was fine in the first game.

And the ♥♥♥♥ I'm saying no one care, why having 4 people on 1 game when you can have 4 people with their game, more profitable of course but a nice fist in their lower half hole for the rest of the community.
You know what? Just have someone make the campaign of heroes of hammerwatch in the first hammerwatch nobody would see the difference anyways.

Now my friends was forced to buy the game since this one don't support local co-op and they liked the first one.

Good Job guys, I hope these 24 € is enough to reuse the same code of the first game to add the local co-op in hammerwatch 2 or 3 or GoTy.

I'm going to school now, byebye
Cain Mar 16 @ 9:27pm 
Excellent work guys. I am really looking forward to this and can't wait to try the new features. Please do not let these negative people ( :lunar2019deadpanpig: )drive you away. Enough members of the community love this game and it's sequel/DLC.

Awesome work. I am very happy with this game and absolutely enjoy the heck out of it. One of my more enjoyable STEAM games. :ss13ok:
tadimon Mar 15 @ 11:25pm 
как играть за гладиатора?
Moose Mar 15 @ 4:28pm 
Local co-op WOULD be really nice to have, ignoring the 80% of jackass comments saying "Local coop babies are stupid, just make a lobby" like everyone have multiple computers at their disposal. I enjoy this game on my own, and with my online friends, but my girlfriend loves to play Hammerwatch locally with me and it's a shame we can't do it with this game.

It's not a dealbreaker for me, considering I DO have friends online I can play with (and this game IS better with friends), but for those of which who are looking for couch co-op I can easily see why they're disappointed considering the original game had it. It's still fun to play solo, but nothing beats the charm of going through it with a buddy next to you.
thebaas Mar 15 @ 6:29am 
turn based game mode... I d love that, but I guess it would be quite an effort to establish a whole new set of game mechanics
sogun Mar 15 @ 6:26am 
Dear Developers! With this graphics art set, consider introducing a Turn-Based game. Like, Darkness over HammerWatch, or something like that. Make some story and make the combats turn-based. You can also create opportunities to hire monsters or companions.
GoncasN Mar 15 @ 5:22am 
And for the people that keep asking for the local co-op, have you Even played the game yet? Have you ever seen everything you have in your hud? How do you want to fit 4 HUDs in one screen? Everything is gonna be clustered AF, the game just works fine the way it is
GoncasN Mar 15 @ 5:16am 
People really need to stop being butthurt about not having local co-op, they're just missing out on an amazing game, I love the devs and hope they keep up with the good work

10/10 would spend all my money on the stupid thief card game again

PS: but really plz don't waste your money there, the odds are really really not favoring you at all, just a friendly reminder
M.Drake Mar 15 @ 4:02am 
Nice !
JCav Mar 14 @ 11:41pm 
And people can still get disconnected a few hours into a run, rendering the coop experience useless. There's a mod to fix this, which means Crackshell is obviously incompetent, or they'd fix it themselves.

If you can't make your game STABLE, then the least you can do is allow coop clients to reconnect to the host.

It's 2019 FF's. Time to #learntocode