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Easter Egg Hunt
In case you missed it last year, the Holiday Events loop every year!
Zones 1-100 will be filled with colorful Easter eggs (at least 5 per zone).
Find & collect eggs to permanently unlock bunny outfits for the Soldier, Drone & Turret.
The Easter Event will go from March 26 through April 5.

Holiday Achievements
Collect 100 eggs to permanently unlock the Soldier's bunny outfit.
Collect 500 to unlock the Drone's bunny ears and 1,000 for the Turret's ears.
Unlocks are per save profile, and outfits can only be unlocked during the Easter event.

Change outfits by hovering over a teammate.
Hover over a teammate for the outfit selector.
Each Build Preset can have a different outfit, so you can be a speed running bunny and an idle soldier.
Want to check out your new outfit, comma (,) is the default key to toggle 3rd person.

Collecting Eggs
Active players can collect eggs by running around or using the Free Roam Camera.
Eggs respawn every minute so idle players can literally sit on an egg to collect them.
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