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Fight'N Rage

New Big Update! (Update #5)

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Venomeyes' May 4 @ 1:14pm 
I love the game! I was actually searching around for beat em ups, and this is the one that won by a big margin! Retro style graphics and extremely hard, at least for me, since I'm casual....

I can't wait for more for this game, characters, skins, skills, modes, options, stories, game refinements, Fight N Rage 2, untill you've exhusted it, and move on to your next game.

I hope for a portable port of this game, at least since the Ninteno Switch is the only system I would want this ported to.

I see references to Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Guilty Gear, and I am still searching for more references.

Keep this game alive with updates, and we will keep playing to keep it alive with you!
MAG7 Apr 7 @ 5:13am 
Great work man, keep it up. I look forward to your future games and projects. Thanks.
Scoot Mar 24 @ 7:55pm 
You've literally created my FAVORITE beat'em up, no joke dude. Your work is very much appreciated by me, and the friends who I had play with me! I really look forward to whatever you decide to make in the future. I feel assured that I can purchase your work knowing it's quality.

And a special thanks to the dude who wrote the music for the game, too. It's definitely a great part of the game.
Ben the magical klutz! Mar 24 @ 6:01pm 
Glad I picked this up. It's a pleasant blend of what I liked most in the 90's as a gamer from the sly-wink tributes to other beat em ups/fighting games to the fact it was very no holds barred with the way it presents its' world. Aka, the crazy carnivore cat chef that cooks humans and just an all out war between "us" and the now-super-intelligent-yet-still-brutally-strong beast-folk makes for a good post apocolyptic setting that's not just borrowing from Fall-out or Mad-Max. Aka, it uses familiar elements but blends them in such a way it's a unique experience. I'm not good enough to have beaten the game yet (At 40 my gaming reflexes aren't what they used to be is the excuse I'm going with. lol.) but I sincerly appreciate the love of detail that went into the sprites,combat mechanics,environmental stages,and of course the great soundtrack! I know how difficult and time consuming it is to make a good beat em up because there's not the rpgmaker equvilent for making this type of game.
Chrono X Mar 23 @ 1:44pm 
does this mean FNR is getting no more updates? its a final game?
Itsuga Mar 22 @ 5:54am 
Una preguntica, no tendrás pensado lanzarlo en consolas? En Switch seria un Musthave en toda regla! Buen trabajo, sigue asi
mujicadiving Mar 19 @ 8:03am 
and tell me if im wrong but hes a ♥♥♥♥ing minotaur how the hell does he not have a special attack were he rams his enemys with his horns.that is all i have to say please tell me if im speaking out of my ♥♥♥ or if im wrong because i would realy like to hear what you have to say the heavys in beat em ups are one of my favorite characters to play as in these kinds of games that is why ricardos character bother me soo much
mujicadiving Mar 19 @ 7:58am 
the reason i say this is because when the other main two characters are unique in their fighting mechanics ricardo just does not have much special moves or atacks i know that hes the heavy and hes suppose to be that but i love beat em up like these and final fight character hagar is the best example on how to do a heavy in beat em ups hell he is one of the originators but when i play ricardo evrything is relativly fine but then i try all his moveset and to me at least he doest have much example:when he grabs enemys and smashes to the ground is okay i like it but then he does the exact same thing when he does it in reverse with the exact same animation im not expacting perfection but when the other main characters have diferent animations and styles on how they take care of their enemys ricardos makes it look like they got lazy with him another thing ricardo has one special attack the lariet that be fine but thats all he has.
mujicadiving Mar 19 @ 7:31am 
awsome game but im sorry to say this but ricardo sucks and i mean that with no sarcasm ironicly he is the depest character and i like him for that but he sucks to play as please somebody tell me im not alone on this or that im completely wrong
mrlnjantjies93 Mar 17 @ 3:14am 
I really hope you continue after this.fnr2 for sure you learned a lot from this project.fn2 even cooler moves and more character lol