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lucas88 Sep 17 @ 10:01pm 
ponelo coop online y compra asegurada
Settan Sep 11 @ 7:41pm 
i would love to have some online co op here!
Video-Brains! Jul 19 @ 10:43am 
Wooooah, Turbo Score mode & Time Attack :D

A late thank you from me, Seba dude!!
RabbitEXE Jul 15 @ 10:56am 
"Extra Characters" is flashing, even though I've obtained all of them already. Could there be a reason why this is happening?
Gamer Jul 14 @ 8:00am 
Can you make where use remaining coin?
Bangcat Jun 24 @ 2:00pm 
Still wish y'all had online co op. local co op play is a bit cumbersome for PC owners much of the time. Console releases are better for that.
RabbitEXE Jun 24 @ 3:48am 
Hello Seba. First of all, thank you for this great game. I used to think that nothing could top Streets of Rage 2 as my fave Beat em' Up game. However, this game easily beats it due to its optionally complex level of gameplay and the especially awesome soundtrack from Gonzales. There are a couple of requests that I would love to address:

As Ataruman has said, this game is very flashy to the point where it's not friendly towards people who have epilepsy. I'd love to see options where there aren't any flashy effects or screenshaking for those who would love to enjoy the game, but have epilepsy.

The second request would be to add a mode where I can play as the extra characters in story mode as well lol.
ataruman Jun 11 @ 5:38pm 
please reconsider entire game effect
everything too much flashy, my eyes so hurts
i really love this game but , i can't play long time, XD
it's "epilepsy warning" grade game
i want turn off all flash effect
Ñimbus Jun 3 @ 11:47am 
Habría posibilidad de poder elegir que el juego fuera más rápido siempre?
Patrick Jun 3 @ 9:48am 
Sou muito feliz por ter esse jogo na minha plataforma favorita...muito obrigado.

I'm very happy to have this game on my favorite platform ... thank you very much.