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Hello Volunteers! This is not a voice in your head, this is us — developers from Nearga.

We are happy to announce that loads of free improvements and expansions are coming to DESOLATE soon! We continue to work on many things regarding Granichny Island and its inhabitants — from new versions of Volunteer’s appearance to the improved combat system, quests and environment.

Today we want to share our plans for the next update with you, as well as uncover plans for the whole year ahead. Check your equipment and let’s get started!

Close combat improvement (early spring 2021)

Your main ally in DESOLATE are your melee weapons (apart from savvy and sanity, of course). That’s why we decided to develop this mechanic into something deeper. Battles with enemies will now get more interesting and spectacular than before.

  • 3 distinct types of weapons will appear in the game, each with its own features: heavy, medium and light.
  • Battles will get more tactical: you’ll have to adapt to your opponents, pick a strategy, keep track of your stamina and search for a vantage point.
  • You will be able to risk and try to parry your enemy’s attacks, in case of success you will gain an advantage.
  • New animations will let you feel the battle dynamics and attack impacts better.
Characters’ visual improvement (winter 2021)

A book is judged by its cover, right? We’ll make the appearances of the in-game characters more detailed and polished. Same thing applies to some of the environment objects.

  • New hairstyles, beards and facial options for the character creation
  • New starter suit for the main character
  • Environment 3D models and textures update
Elaboration of the storyline, quests and gameplay (February 2021)

Everything regarding story quests will be improved: locations, fast travel points, quest geography, and even voiceover.
And more...

But that’s not everything. In 2021 we’ll enhance artificial intelligence in Desolate. Enemies will get smarter, and clashes with them will become truly life-threatening. As for the visuals, Desolate will get even more good-looking thanks to the textures’ update.

Keep an eye on the updates and stay tuned, Volunteers!
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