Large Island Update Hotfix

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Bandit60081 Nov 5 @ 11:09am 
just had the two sharks back on easy mode, is this supposed to happen?, I have throughally enjoyed this game it is brilliant (even with the odd blip x)
Treblesome Oct 24 @ 8:44am 
Just to clarify, I realize that there is a sail. I mean when I want to go a certain direction I'd turn the sail, then i'd be drifting sideways.
Treblesome Oct 24 @ 8:40am 
I would like to be able to rotate the raft. When I build a boat out of my raft I would like to keep it from drifting sideways. Whether it be a rudder, a steering wheel, or anything else; It would be much appreciated! ty
Quire  [developer] Oct 23 @ 6:14am 
Please submit a ticket to us and we will help you out asap! :)
deman6996100 Oct 22 @ 8:17pm 
can aney 1 help sayes platform needed ???
deman6996100 Oct 22 @ 8:16pm 
but i cant load it on my pc geting pised ??
ralfym5x Oct 22 @ 6:35pm 
lol game seems really fun. i have to say it seems because i keep dying so much i dont get to just play. im in that first 5 minute rush the entire time i play. im not complaining because as i said its fun thanks for yalls work on making this a good game. hope you plan on putting more and more stuff
Eskevar MkDrake Oct 21 @ 4:35pm 
Im not happy with this "big patch", i waiting for something better. On the island half of the plant arent farmable, move away is difficult, bow dont work well as before the patch (now is slow to use and less intuitive, idk how to explain), the new enemy fish what's a skunkfish?
I like to have some hotfix at least for the bow to work better as in the previous patch.
Dirt Oldas Oct 21 @ 8:44am 
So only after the hotfix - now I have 2 sharks! fixed for some, broken for others
Jelltonium Oct 20 @ 9:22pm 
I don't know where the bug form is so here is a bug: wear a hat and another equitable, then drag the equitable to another hat and boom, 2 hats overlapping each other.