Development Blog #35

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complainto Sep 13 @ 3:38am 
Will the stone arrows bring down do a better job at killing the bird than they do the shark? Now it takes 8-11 arrows to kill a shark. Also, the range of the bow, even pulled all the way back, is limited, meaning the bird will have to get pretty close.
James Ketford Aug 3 @ 11:01am 
im soo hyped for thiscant wait
misty_craft1978 Jul 30 @ 7:54am 
looks great can wait to play with it
Xx_A/0_xX Jul 29 @ 12:02am 
Creo q le falta mas ganas
bueller Jul 27 @ 11:43pm 
Love your work, excited to see the new islands!
ElectrifyedWater233 Jul 27 @ 8:19am 
OMG really looking forward to this and buying the game:steammocking:
Kenny Jul 26 @ 7:45pm 
fun :steammocking:
TheDoorMaster028 Jul 26 @ 7:36am 
Really great game otherwise though
TheDoorMaster028 Jul 26 @ 7:36am 
I also had the problem where placing the stationary anchor and sail did not give me the achievement.
hussey Jul 25 @ 7:15pm 
Thank you for adding new stuff, fun game. hopefully it comes together nicely :D