The Domesticated Update - Out Now!

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奏羽白夜 4 hours ago 
The animals eat too fast, so I have to spend a lot time to keep my animals alive. I played this game with my friend, and I can not image if I play alone, how can I keep my animals alive and collect items, build my raft at the same time!!!So, please! Make the animals eat slow or update a something to make the grass spot wet when it dry!!
Luna Feb 15 @ 5:07am 
The animals eat way to fast, period. its insane how much they eat how are you to explor island/water/kill puffers/ collect items/ build when keeping your animals alive is a full time job. I think the feeding rates is just considerably to high.
Feelogil_Bro Feb 13 @ 9:40pm 
zusias Feb 13 @ 1:28pm 
As reported by alecto3g. Having issues with animals dying without warning. I had 4 grass plots for 1 clucker and 1 llama. The llama (my original that was surviving fine on 2 grass) didn't even move to his "hungry" pose (I had been there about a minute earlier to put down my new clucker), he just laid down and died without warning. There were 3 plots with full grass growth at the time he died.
MegaManX Feb 13 @ 7:44am 
All these features, but still no bloody RUDDER!!!
alecto3g Feb 13 @ 4:40am 
is anyone else having issues with tamed animals just dying? I have plenty of grass plots that I frequently water, but I went to check my llamas, a few had just laid down, died, then disappeared in front off me.
AfroPenguin Feb 12 @ 10:30am 
explosive goo is found from killing pufferfish
artemkович Feb 12 @ 7:39am 
Круто. Жду видосиков от Джо спина)
SpicySunda137 Feb 11 @ 9:54pm 
am i the only one not able to see the llama and the goat? im playing with a friend and he can see them but they do not appear for me, although the warthog did so i am very confused
543017 Feb 11 @ 2:14pm 
where went the eel ? and did you see my ideas?