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complainto Sep 8 @ 8:33pm 
Please just fix bugs w/AMD graphics cards. Also, little sad tsee contests for buildig up our rafts, when I was told my 40x40 was causing my lag and had to cut it down. Now, 20x22 w/same problems.
GameTronics Aug 17 @ 8:02am 
so i have 2 ideas. 1: choose between pvp and normal mode. in pvp mode every player or team gets their own raft and enemies. you cant interact with the enemys chests. you can only get the stuff wich get dropped when a person dies.

idea 2: some kind of underwater jetpack to get to your raft when it floats away.
Recipe: 1 battery, 6 metal ingot and 4 vine goo.
lee_turk Aug 17 @ 4:25am 
add more recipe too
МАМА Aug 15 @ 3:22pm 
Add treasures to the game
<============{xxx(@ Aug 15 @ 5:37am 
Spikes to defend raft.
Building the next level up without a bunch of poles making the previous floor look ugly (and adding to the structure count).
Craigandsian Aug 12 @ 11:53pm 
It would be cool if you could choose which shark appears! For example: Great White Shark or Hammerhead Shark
Vuzuul Aug 12 @ 10:26am 
no pvp in this game. keep it story driven and exploration driven, Keep it up
Faiere_PL Aug 12 @ 8:14am 
tikiii971 Aug 12 @ 7:14am 
add pvp and its best game 2018
InYourBed Aug 12 @ 7:12am 
Nice (y) also can u add more charater not only 2 ? also more fish or animal els?