Update 9.04 - Out now!

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skyczy Jun 15 @ 6:43pm 
We need a big Developer to buy this game and dump money into it.......
chicky Jun 15 @ 8:34am 
Really good game, for max 30-40 hours. We need more content.
NiceTry Jun 14 @ 5:16am 
Need more island
Hypothermia Jun 11 @ 6:13am 
It's a nice game for max 35-40 hours. After that it gets boring.

staxist Jun 6 @ 3:05am 
add a big squid as enemy
Typo_o Jun 5 @ 1:36pm 
this game desperately needs more things to do, specifically fun things to do, not tedious survival upkeep
♚ Shadow ♚ Jun 5 @ 5:35am 
This game is very fun, but it needs more dangerous animals, more things and maybe a story
kfricke05 May 28 @ 8:44am 
my sis hase raft wen she comes home from 5th grade and do her homework then she gets on raft
Islaxing May 20 @ 7:49pm 
Mods there is really bad lag in a lot of people's games. Can you please look into it and try your best to improve it. Thank you.
Spartacus May 20 @ 2:53pm 
I want to fight other rafts. so fun.