Underwater Update!

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Jazz Feb 5 @ 1:23pm 
johan.gjestland  [developer] Jan 29 @ 2:20pm 
@Cittyy: Coming! Acutally there is some underwater caves in some biomes...
johan.gjestland  [developer] Jan 29 @ 2:20pm 
@~StarWolf~: That would be amazing, but a little out of scope for now! Maybe 2.0? Or Fugl MMO?
johan.gjestland  [developer] Jan 29 @ 2:19pm 
@FrernsonPlays: I will add custom sliders for physics next update!
FernsongPlayz Jan 27 @ 8:13am 
how to adjust physics? my custom bird falls waaaaaaaaaaay too fast
~StarWolf~ Jan 26 @ 11:06am 
Will we ever be able to play online with other players? that would be AWESOME!
Cittyy Jan 24 @ 7:21am 
You must add underwater caves and something what can explore when underwater. :greatwhite:
ASA Studio Jan 23 @ 11:40am 
Looks good!