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Hi everyone,

This week we released a series of patches, we fixed various bugs, added small improvements, and tweaked around with balance. Thanks for the feedback everyone, most of the changes below were your suggestions!

- Reduced number of choices in Power Shop from 4 to 3, Powers from Serious category are now part of other 3 depending on what they do
- It's now possible to skip Game Over screen animation by pressing a button
- When talking with NPCs, you will no longer see other NPCs except the one you are talking with
- Both Eyeball and Buddy Spiky try to stay away a bit from the player instead of rushing into him constantly
- Buddy Spiky and Eyeball now deflect from holes
- Eyeball now follows closest figments instead of the player, if figments are available
- Melee & Primary Gun no longer appears in Weapon Wheel since they cannot be selected anyway, this wheel is now solely used for switching Serious Weapons
- Score Buffer now shows score you gained from every figment instead of the number of figments collected
- Score counter now fills up much faster
- Added new setting to Gameplay Settings, it's now possible to disable freezing animation when the player is damaged

- NPCs no longer cause a frame-rate drop in Mental Woods
- Golden Chest and Golden Hearts no longer spawn hundreds of coins in later loops, instead, they spawn 1 big coin (this will be changed to multiple big coins in future)

Challenges & Achievements:
- Achievements should properly trigger now after you complete the Challenge (or if you completed the Challenge before)
- Achievements should now trigger instantly instead of after restarting the game
- Changed challenge Why Can't We Be Friends? - it now requires you to have 10 buddies. The progress was reset, so you will be able to play it again.
- Berserk Challenge is now available
- Bumper Challenge should now work properly
- Senior Gorgonzola should now talk with you properly and give you Mental Key once his Challenge is completed
- It's now possible to talk with Eyeball in the HUB. It will explain that you will earn more score points if Eyeball eats figments.
- Trenchcoat now properly shows high-scores

- Force Melee now needs to be enabled through Controls settings before it can be used (too many players reported pressing F by accident)
- Force melee is now automatically switched off after using a gamepad
- Gamepads should now be properly assigned to corresponding players if a gamepad is connected while playing, both in single-player and co-op mode
- Fixed bug where keybinding would choose wrong keybinding map after connecting a gamepad
- Added additional default keybindings for DualShock 4 (if this changed your current keybindings layout, please take our apologies)

- Bombheads, Scorpion Babies, and Baby Frogs no longer spawn drops that can enable infinite figments farming
- Buddy Decoy now attracts the attention of enemies in random intervals, making him more balanced. Also added additional animation that plays while he is bothering enemies.
- Bonus coins received from combo no longer increase combo chain
- Frazzled - score multiplier reduced from +2 to +1, primary gun damage multiplier reduced from 0.5x to 0.2x
- Shield Generator nerf - gives 50% less value
- Carrion Chief nerf - has a 50% chance to spawn heart from serious kills, instead of 100%
- Skin Peeler is slightly weaker
- Boomerang + Second Chance exploit is no longer possible (infinite serious ammo)
- Bounceballs no longer spawn lots of serious ammo when combined with Second Chance
- Ammo chests have 50% less chance to spawn from brutal kills
- Bad Bulb's melee now deals less damage, but it has a longer range so it's easier to hit enemies
- Bad Bulb's serious ammo drop rate doesn't increase with a number of collected serious weapons
- Vampiric reduces health 66% slower and heals 66% less
- Dead Man's Hand is now compatible with Frigid Mood. Serious Bomb's damage is now treated as a brutal kill.
- Electricity now shocks up to 10 closest enemies due to possible performance issues on weaker computers
- Freeze and stun now work together

- Upgrade description pop-up should now disappear properly instead of being stuck forever at the bottom of the screen
- Langoliers now properly spawn if you fly far outside
- Langoliers will no longer spawn if you are inside of Vortex
- Turrets can no longer be attracted by Netricsa to avoid possible soft-lock
- Resting Mood completion notification now triggers once per run till Resting Mood is switched off
- It's now possible to give Mental key to Shopmonster while Sadistic Mood is active
- When you get killed by Fire Barrel, at the Game Over screen, it will now properly show that you were killed by Fire Barrel instead of by Hot Lava
- Changed Stomp description to make it more clear how to activate it
- Added additional description under Bad Bulb's ability in HUD to make it clear when is his special ability recharging
- Fixed title and description of Mr.Turtle and Bumper achievements on Steam
- Updated Credits with beta testers

For the next week, we hope to add some really exciting stuff that we didn't manage to finish in time for the Mount Fury update!

Till next time!

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