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Greetings, fellow Adventurers!

It's been a while, isn't it? We have been working very hard on the next big update that will... Well, the title says it all... Just One Line has left Early Access and is officially a fully released title now! Cheers, all hail the King!
We are profoundly moved and excited about this date and we hope you are excited too! You got to be!
It is worth noting though, that this is a huge milestone for Just One Line but it is not nearly the end of its story! We have envisioned JOL as an ever-growing game both in updates and in its content. We could have gone on forever developing and adding new content, but we realized that the game is solid and it fulfills most of the expectations you and us have set. We believe Just One Line is now ready, solid, stable, polished and rich in content. We will continue to update and patch the game but it is also your turn, Adventurers, to make this game even better: you have the tools (Quest Editor[], Contests[], etc) and a community to join (Discord[] and the Steam Community Hub)!

But that's not just like "Hey, we are leaving Early Access" and that's it. Not at all! We said we feel the game is ready for its big time, but that would not be true without a huge update to back it up! In fact, we are glad to announce that we have just shipped the biggest update we have ever shipped to our game! Get ready for Just One Line version 1.0.1!

(We realize that there are quite a lot of exclamation marks in the present announcement... but we could barely contain the excitement. We hope you feel the same! Darn, there it is one more.)

Please note: Early Access game saves and profile progress are still compatible. However, if you have a game session with an active adventurer, we recommend to start anew to fully benefit from the new update

Here is the update changelog:
  • New localizations:
    • Polish
    • Russian
  • New quests
    • Arcane Tournament
    • Wild Hunt
    • The Call
  • New backgrounds unlockable:
    • Druid
    • Mage
  • All backgrounds and races are now unlockable.
  • New location:
    • The lighthouse
  • Skin and Variants:
    • Salamander robe
    • Storm robe
    • Lightning spell
    • Fireball spell
    • Hawk
    • Thunderstriker
    • Spellbook of fire
    • War axe
    • Tomahawk
    • Steel Finger
    • Boiling Magma
    • Wooden sword
  • New titles
  • New achievements
  • Huge overall balancing and fine tuning

Just One Line now features:
  • 18 Quests (accounting for more than 120,000 words and 1,000 distinct choices)
  • A story-driven experience in which most of your actions have real consequences on the future of your adventurer.
  • A Quest Editor
  • Online Leaderboard
  • 47 Weapons + 14 Skins
  • 26 Armors + 13 Skins
  • 4 Races
  • 10 Backgrounds
  • 95 earnable titles
  • Localized in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Polish, Russian, Spanish
  • Adventurer customization with more than 15,000 unique combinations
  • Achievements and Trading Cards

Please note: Just One Line is currently on a -15% launch discount. When the discount ends the real price will be higher the the current shown one -which was only for Early Access customers.

Would you like to be a part of the JOL Studios team? We are looking for great game masters. If you love to write stories and aventurers and to role-play (of course!), the JOL QUEST EDITOR[] will be your best friend!
Try the Quest Editor, play with it and submit your adventures. We will choose the best and we will bring them to the game! The more talented will be choosen as parterns of JOL Studios.
Bring it on, Adventurers! You might be the JOL Master we are looking for!

So then... this is the end of an -Early- era... and the beginning of an amazing new Adventure. Come and join us in the Kingdom, Adventurers! The future is bright and full of fun! But as always... The choice is Yours!

The humble servants of the King,
- JOL Studios
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