LIVE - BATTLETECH 1.5.0 Release Notes

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LUNAtic 43 minutes ago 
game crashes now each time, upon attacking another mech in singleplayer. No mods installed. No issues until this update. Unplayable.
james670 23 hours ago 
Yeah, there is no real reason to use the BM now (I used that acronym on purpose). However, I will say that for all the other stores, they won't sell to you at all, so the fact that the BM is willing to sell to you at all is already different.

That being said, if I knew it would be a 10000% increase (in the middle of a game no less), I probably would have done things differently.
legislatrice Mar 17 @ 6:43pm 
Store prices in the Black Market are now completely broken with 10000% increase if they hate you. A small laser is 4 mil. and a light mech is over 350 mil.. I see no point in using the black market at all... :lunar2019shockedpig:
MaZoia Mar 17 @ 12:47pm 
Translate Spanish or PT BR PLEASE!
VitaminK Mar 17 @ 12:04am 
@Rekalty - agreed. look at STALKER games still going strong 10+ years after they have been released because of modding community.
VitaminK Mar 17 @ 12:04am 
@Dar1ngOne - f*ck fornite and f*ck epic. hardly any of the fortnite players have the capacity or patience to play Battletech.
Stahlseele Mar 14 @ 1:20pm 
Will you consider doing translations of the classic battletech Campaign books to the game as DLCs with 10 to 20 buck Price range?
And please Keep going chronologically and only introduce new mechs, weapons and other stuff if date in Campaign has been reached where it would be introduced in the timeline . .
Big mean bunny Mar 14 @ 12:21pm 
Wow those pirate malus prices hurt. So they will now only sell me an Atlas for the price of a Fortress class dropship :steamsalty:
Dar1ngOne Mar 14 @ 1:55am 
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes


:hacking: :machine_lifeform: :nier_resistance: :marik:

Suggestions and feedback.

* As an RTX 2080 owner, can you please look at that option sometime down the road, as capturing real time ray traced mechs would give me some mech-cellent wall papers.

* You should look at moving the base game to EPIC's store front as you would get more revenue as per Sweeney's plans, plus support for the unity engine, and exposure to millions, and millions, of Fortnite players. As a plus the EPIC store front at this time of writing , has no facility for comments and reviews to be exploited by a person with several alt accounts.

* Finally, a Solaris battle Royal mode (again down the road) could be looked at with 1 player vs 7 ai pilots or whatever can be implemented. This would give more exposure to Battletech, again attracting new players and increasing the player base.

Great work and thanks for looking out for this great game.

VickyBeaver Mar 14 @ 1:45am 
If you are a RougeTech player go to betas and set it to 1.4 that way you can play with steam online and wait for the mods to be updated before updating the game, it wont update and break everything that way ^.^