Spire of Sorcery

Spire of Sorcery


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Sergei Klimov  [developer] Mar 28 @ 10:26pm 
@lan –

Thanks! 谢谢!We are now closer and closer to the beta. I think the limited release will happen before the summer. But as always with games development, nobody can predict the exact time to do something until it is done :-D
lan Mar 28 @ 9:51pm 
hello,many people from china like this game.:steamhappy:
but,when could us get this game .
Qfasa  [developer] Mar 27 @ 9:21am 
@327727, игра совсем не про бои. Пошаговые или нет, они будут неуместны в игре, где игрок не может контролировать напрямую своих учеников, принимающих самостоятельные решения.
327727 Mar 27 @ 9:04am 
Пожалуйста сделайте пошаговую боевку. Поверьте - вы только выиграете от этого в виде армии поклонников
为了红茶杯 Mar 27 @ 3:21am 
von_das Mar 26 @ 6:47am 
Must've missed that. It does complicate things... Teleportation spell?
Sergei Klimov  [developer] Mar 25 @ 10:29am 
@von_das –

Considering that they are an intelligent species that lives underground, how do you even get to the point of being able to do that..?
von_das Mar 25 @ 9:53am 
"How does one procure a Cyclops’s eye, which is a valuable alchemic ingredient?"

I assumed you did that by killing them in a manner that avoids damaging the eyeball.
山風 Mar 25 @ 8:16am 
ChrisYAYAYAYAY Mar 24 @ 11:50pm