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Spire of Sorcery: Teach. Explore. Survive.

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This open-world strategy/RPG designed by Alexey Bokulev (Eador. Genesis; Gremlins, Inc.) is expected to enter closed beta in April 2018, and become available in Steam Early Access in late May 2018. Follow our dev blog on Steam and our official Discord server (EN/РУС/中文) for regular updates!

Official Discord server (EN/РУС/中文)

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Thanks for stopping by and for checking regularly on what is happening with Spire of Sorcery. The attention of players from all over the world strengthens our motivation to put our best efforts into making this game as awesome as we can!

Here’s an update on where we are, with different issues:


We stopped writing weekly development diaries as we are currently preparing for the closed beta period, and need to publish a detailed description of all the aspects of the game’s mechanics on the official forum of the game, so that the future participants of the beta can understand the game better when they launch it for the first time.

Spire of Sorcery’s gameplay is essentially a combination of hundreds of different systems. These are the systems that we currently describe on the forum. To join the discussions that range from “which spells does the skill of Social Magic have?” to “is the interface icon used for Travel Magic obvious enough?”, please join us here:

Spire of Sorcery’s official forums[]

Once we finish describing the mechanics, we will start discussing the translations of the main terms in different languages. Which brings us to the next point:


Spire of Sorcery is currently wishlisted by 50,000 players. Close to 50% of these players come from countries with just two languages: English and Russian. The third region, which is responsible for nearly 20% of all wishlists, speaks Chinese. The fourth and the fifth largest regions, each responsible for 7% of wishlists, speak Japanese and German.

We think of these 5 languages – English, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and German, representing 82% of our potential player base – as our “key languages”, and we plan to fully support them at the time when we enter the Early Access period.

The languages that are on the sixth and seventh places – Korean and French, each at 4% of Spire of Sorcery’s wishlist base – are the two languages that we plan to support by the time of the full release; however, at what point during the Early Access period we will be able to add them to the game, we currently cannot forecast.


Every Friday at 16:00 Vilnius time (22:00 Tokyo, 21:00 Beijing, 16:00 Moscow, 15:00 Berlin) we run a development stream right on the game’s Steam page, where we play the current version of the game for about 30-45 minutes and update you on the progress.

We alternate between English and Russian languages (one week the stream is in English, another week it’s in Russian) and make the recordings available on the studio’s YouTube channel. You can find all the previous streams here:

Dev Streams of Spire of Sorcery (Playlist: English language videos)
Dev Streams of Spire of Sorcery (Playlist: Russian language videos)
Dev Streams of Spire of Sorcery (Playlist: all the videos, regardless of language)

During these development streams, we follow these simple rules:
  • We only talk about what is already implemented in the game, not to over-promise on something which we might or might not be able to do;
  • We show the actual current build of the game; nothing is prepared especially for the stream, so that you can make up your mind about what it’s like;
  • We show different concept art and user interface art that we created since the previous stream, guiding you through the process of why we selected this or that version;
Also, we respond to questions from the Steam chat channel and from the forum that we receive during the stream.

Thanks for stopping by – and see you around, whether on Steam forums or on dedicated forums or on the Discord server! :-D

:summer_magic: Spire of Sorcery – Character Generator (Steam)
:summer_magic: Official Discord server[]
:summer_magic: Official forum[]
:summer_magic: YouTube recordings of the development live streams
:summer_magic: Twitter (game updates)
:summer_magic: Facebook (game updates)[]

:malice: Official Discord server[]
:malice: Twitter (game updates)
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:music: Original Soundtrack on Spotify[]

:notebook: Charlie Oscar’s developer page on Steam
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:notebook: "Behind the scenes" Instagram[]
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