Tesla vs Lovecraft

Tesla vs Lovecraft

Update 1.0.1 goes live + French!

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wwwizzarrdry Feb 12 @ 12:59am 
Am I the only one that thinks its too easy? Could we get an option to not only set number of enemies, but also their durability? After unlocking a few upgrades, the story mode becomes too easy and routine. Best game in your arsenal o farr. Good work.
courtepattes Feb 9 @ 1:59pm 
Weird. Patch was added while I was finishing Aether and now Eldritch seems easier (or rather: fairer) in comparison. But I guess it's different for every one!
universalstarexpress Feb 9 @ 3:34am 
A bit too difficult now guys.... Please consider scaling it back a bit as it actually seems more difficult on Aether Plane even though you mention this was decreased.... Not having as much fun.... :(..... (But this is an AWESOME game) :steamhappy:
courtepattes Feb 8 @ 12:51pm 
I don't know. I get the cutscene after winning the level at least. If there is one before, then as usual: I am looking forward to the next patch! Thanks for doing that great a job as developers! I'm gladder still I bought the game on release!
Habba  [developer] Feb 7 @ 9:28pm 
There is actually a cutscene, but due to a bug it may not have properly played. There's a patch coming (currently available in beta) that fixes this.
courtepattes Feb 7 @ 12:05pm 
Oh, sorry, I feel so stupid. Of course Wardenclyffe Tower is Tesla Tower.

On the one hand, I am ashamed. On the other hand, you should feel a bit concerned that a Tesla fan did not recognize that it was Tesla Tower while playing the level (I've got a poster of it in my bedroom so it should have rung a bell).

It raises many questions. Why is Lovecraft waiting here? Why did Tesla took a trip across town? A cutscene before the level explaining all that would be fine. Is Tesla actually trying to close some portal with the tower? Is it there that Lovecraft attacked?
courtepattes Feb 7 @ 10:24am 
Yes, in Normal and Aether planes (on my way to Eldritch). I don't know why you ask (I am glad you care about our comments by the way), maybe because of the cutscenes? In my opinion, it does not add enough flesh to the Tesla/Lovecraft characters and is a weak scenaristic excuse for going through all levels yet again (although we don't really need one so that's fine).

All my remarks are wishful critics about this game which I would like to love and only enjoy for now (sufficiently to recommend and keep playing).

Thanks again for your game!
Habba  [developer] Feb 7 @ 3:08am 
@courtepattes: So... have you yet played the "Battle at Wardenclyffe" level?
courtepattes Feb 6 @ 1:37pm 
Also, it would be nice to be asked to click or press a button after the loading of the main screen so that one may have time to read the quote if interested. After all I bought the game because "Tesla" and "Lovecraft".

On that side, it would be nice to not have such a plaqué theme and to add more lore elements which could make the player really feels he is playing Tesla. One of the craziest invention of the Tesla was the Tower and it would be nice to have "defense" missions maybe. Anything with the Tower would make me super glad.

Still, good game, thanks for making it!
courtepattes Feb 6 @ 1:35pm 
So: I thnk the wepons should be balanced, or more weapons, equally competitive but different in the way they are used, should be added.

The same flaw existed in Crimsonland, however due to the wide diversity in the arsenal, you had better odds to find a decent weapon.