Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2

Hopoo Games Development Thoughts #2

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Curly Jefferson Apr 19 @ 5:02pm 
Add 2-3x as many normal crates and enable a mode where you can choose which items you give up on the item switch crates. :) I feel like this would help the flow of the game a lot.
Seam Apr 18 @ 11:10am 
• **Commando**
○ Improve FMJ impact graphics
○ *We think that a majority of the Commando's problems are actually VFX and SFX making him feel weak and boring. This is a small first step towards that.

loooool it can't possibly be that the commando's kit is weak and boring
king red colour Apr 18 @ 9:38am 
ok andrew
BRUH BLACKS!!! Apr 18 @ 3:57am 
Glad to hear performance issues are being noted, my pc can run it but the second i go on a higher rez its painfully slow, even on the lowest settings
:PizzaFrog: Apr 16 @ 4:24pm 
Also as annoying as worm is, I wish we had more bosses that really move around. I don't like how they all kind of clump up around the teleporter when you're fighting multiple
:PizzaFrog: Apr 16 @ 4:23pm 
Maybe instead of continuously moving all the time, Worm could stop now and then and fire some projectiles?
Daemos Apr 16 @ 6:04am 
I wanna start with this game is amazing for where it is right now, i just have a few problems

1. Please make the engineer turret damage count for the overall damage you deal in the aftermath reports when you die, i wanna be able to see how good i am doing, including my turrets, compared to my friends.

2. If you haven't noticed i am an engineer main and when im playing my turrets will occasionally just stop shooting, they'll stare at the ground and do nothing so i have to replace them with a new turret which can screw me over at times.

3. The little drones are a bit wonky but they do their job and work okay but the giant prototype drone seems kind of useless, it will maybe move 20 feet from the starting position and then just get stuck and not follow you around like other drones so enemies will swarm it and murder it. If i gotta farm 3,000 money to get an awesome drone please at least make it follow me around.
Blimblam Apr 15 @ 8:54pm 
game is honestly incredible, thank you guys, only things I really want are more characters and fire enemies to do less damage. The only thing that is consistently ending my runs is Elder Lemurians, other than that, awesome game, cant wait for more.
Taurus_Silver Apr 15 @ 7:29pm 
Elder Lemurians do so much dps, they do all the dps that I most of my deaths are to them and mostly due to them spawning in behind me and instantly blowing me up.
Rygart Apr 15 @ 2:51pm 
psdt: would be nice another melee class please, with a claymore or a giant hammer <3 a more tanky melee class with some "range" or aoe attacks, earthquakes in a cone or circle as skills, idk just an idea