Clicker Heroes 2

Clicker Heroes 2

Ethereal Items, World Traits, and Offline Progress are Now Available!

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[Gdlk] Kaisa187 Jun 30 @ 3:18am 
still waiting for more achievements.....
Now that's a good amount of work done.
I guess i can give it a shot now :)
Zoure Jun 26 @ 10:05pm 
How do the Ethereal items work? Is it only what's in your equipped slots? If so, how come I can't move things around?
Supergoof Jun 26 @ 6:12pm 
The difficulty is much more worse than before.
Before the update i could kill enemies that are like 10 level above me.
Now after the update i need several minutes to kill a standard mob that is 20 lvl below me with the same skillimg. Because of this i do not get experience because the exp for the monsters i had to face until now is so low that the digit of the exp bar havent changed at all after a compleate day.
So in a world with mobs 20 lvl below me i couldn't even cleard the world up to lvl 25 after a compleate day of gaming.
As i can see it so far i do not need a month for a gild but over a month to come to a point where i finally get exp again and even the new equipment did not help.

So please look into this again, because the point where the game will be easyer is not achived but the complete opposite.
Rick Jun 25 @ 10:52pm 
Thank the gods,

I was so disappointed, thinking we weren't going to get any updates and the project was rumore to by abandoned . I know theres a heap of work still be done but this renews my faith in the devs, I only bought this game because I'm a fan of CL 1, and a lot of people did this.

Sadly, in the games current state CL1 is miles and miles ahead, and to be honest it was a massive let down after shelling out fairly expensive $$$ for this title.

Still, I am now, flipped! - I only hope even more updates come, ones that make the game from 'okay' to 'decent' and ideally, eventually great.

I know this more of a review but I want you devs to know theres at least someout out there suppporting your work.I sincerely hope it pays off.

Warm Rigards,
P.S. Catch up with my anytime on steam my id is Rick85 (that invite extends to everyone not just the devs.)

And fire zie game backup!
Fish Jun 25 @ 10:36am 
i need Chinese!!!
Entvex Jun 25 @ 8:07am 
Awesome! Thanks for the update :D :D
BambooShoots Jun 25 @ 5:34am 
Really sad to see this game fail to live up to the potential of it's predecessor.
Patches like this should be coming out every month. Not every 6 months.
A Greggs Pasty Jun 25 @ 5:14am 
About ♥♥♥♥ing time!
PkPkPk232 Jun 25 @ 4:45am 
When will it have a Cloud Save?
Just Lost my save......:lunar2019crylaughingpig: